HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action  

HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

  HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections
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 HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

Practical information for health
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Men's sexual health matters  >  Resources and organisations 
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Resources and organisations

Men's Sexual Health Matters

Working with men
Starting work with men
Effective approaches
Sexual development and function
Common sexual problems
Resources and organisations



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  Resources and organisations


Selected Materials on Interventions-related to Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and Transgender (TG) Specific Activities:

HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Services among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Bangkok: Awareness Campaign Event, Bangkok, Thailand, 2010 (News Item)

Empowering Sexual Minorities through Vocational Skill Training: The Delhi Dost Project, New Delhi, India, 2011 (News Item)

Engaging the Media Sector to Effectively Design IEC Materials for Behavioral Change Communications Targeting MSM in Thailand (2011 ICAAP Abstract Poster, UNESCO)

Asia Regional Consultation on MSM HIV/AIDS Care and Support
(Please see pp.12-20 for activities at regional level as well as country level including Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia. Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam)

Male Sexual Health Intervention in Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam (PowerPoint presentation)

Violet Home - Promotion and Development MSM Health (PowerPoint presentation)

Young Male Peer Education Project, Lao PDR (PowerPoint presentation)

HIV/AIDS Education for MSM, Cambodia (PowerPoint presentation)

Toward Universal Access: Examples of Municipal HIV Programming for MSM and TG in 6 Asian Cities - pdf

Social marketing interventions to increase HIV/STI testing uptake among men who have sex with men and male-to-female transgender women (Journal Article)
Wei C, Herrick A, Raymond HF, Anglemyer A, Gerbase A, Noar SM., 2011

Training materials/Guidelines/Information packages

Priority HIV and sexual health interventions in the health sector

Developing a Comprehensive Package of Services to Reduce HIV among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) and Transgender (TG) Populations in Asia and the Pacific

Peer and Outreach Education for Improving the Sexual Health of Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Reference Manual for Peer & Outreach Workers (originally published in English in 2007 and has been translated to Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Mongolian, Nepalese and Thai languages)

Standard package of Activities Men who Have Sex with Men
Khmer HIV/AIDS NGO Alliance, Cambodia, 2008

Men who have Sex with Men: An Introductory Guide for Health Care Workers in Africa

Blueprint for the provision of comprehensive care to gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in Latin America and the Caribbean


4 Boys: a below the belt guide to the male body 
An illustrated booklet for adolescent boys about the male body.
Single copies free from Family Planning Association, 2-12 

Pentonville Road, London N1 9FP, UK.

AIDS and men who have sex with men ;
A UNAIDS technical update which outlines the main issues and describes some effective responses to problems faced by men who have sex with men. 
Single copies free in English, French and Spanish from UNAIDS (see Organisations).

Family planning handbook for health professionals 
This book covers family planning, infertility, unwanted pregnancy, STIs and contraception for young people. It includes information on working with men. 
Free to those experiencing currency restrictions (14/US$24 to others) from Distribution Unit, International Planned Parenthood Federation (see Organisations).

Learning about sexuality: a practical beginning 
This book describes programmes that have integrated sexuality and gender issues into family planning, mother and child health and reproductive health programmes. It includes several case studies from men's projects. 
Free to developing countries from Population Council, One Dag Hammerskjold Plaza, New York NY 1007, USA.

Let's hear it for the boys! Supporting sex and relationships education for boys and young men
Handbook for teachers, youth and community workers. It includes principles for addressing boys' and young men's sex education needs and training materials to develop effective strategies. Produced for the UK but can be adapted for elsewhere. 
12.50 plus postage from National Children's Bureau, 8 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7QE, UK.

Making sex work safe 
This handbook is for policy makers and programme planners working with sex workers or their clients. It discusses working with men who are sex workers and clients, and transgender sex work issues. Produced by the Network of Sex Work Projects. 
Single copies free to developing countries (12/US$24 elsewhere) from Healthlink Worldwide (see Organisations) .

Men and masculinity 
Includes articles from development workers working on male identity and masculinity and gender work in Trinidad and South Africa. 
7.95/US$12.95 plus postage from Oxfam Publications, BEBC, P O Box 1496, Parkstone, Dorset BH12 3YD, UK.

On the margins: men who have sex with men and HIV in the developing world 
A comprehensive survey of AIDS programmes in developing countries that support MSM work. 
Free to readers in developing countries from Panos Institute, 9 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD, UK.

Reaching men worldwide: lessons learned from family planning and communication projects 1986-1996 
Working Paper No 3, 1997, describes twenty family planning and reproductive health projects around the world which have addressed men's participation in family planning. 
Single copies free to readers in developing countries from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (see Organisations).

Sexe a moindre risque 
Illustrated booklet for transgender sex workers. 
Available in French from PASTT, c/o AIDES Federation, 23 Rue de Chateau Landon, 75010 Paris, France.

Your reproductive health 
Two booklets about reproductive development in men and women written for school age children.
Available free from the Family Life Association of Swaziland, PO Box 1051, Manzini, Swaziland.


Man's world 
: Working with Men Board game designed for work with young men aged 14 years and over. Enables young men to discuss their knowledge, feelings and attitudes about being men. Designed for use in the UK but could be adapted for use elsewhere. 
18 from Working with Men, 320 Commercial Way, London SE15 1QN, UK.


Africa Link 
April 1996 special issue 'Just for men: involving men in sexual and reproductive health programmes'.
Free from IPPFAR, PO Box 30234, Nairobi, Kenya.

AIDS Action 
Aimed at community-based health workers and educators, it provides practical information on a wide range of care and prevention issues concerning AIDS, HIV and sexually transmitted infections. 
Free to developing countries or for 6/US$12 (other students), 12/US$24 (individuals elsewhere), 24/US$48 (institutions elsewhere). In English from Healthlink Worldwide (see Organisations) and partner organisations. Also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.



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  Resources and organisations


Quarterly newsletter aimed at health workers. Covers family planning and health issues. Volume 18, No 3, Spring 1998 covers men and reproductive health. 
Free to public health and family planning professionals in English, French and Spanish from Family Health International, PO Box 13950, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA.

Planned Parenthood Challenges 
Twice-yearly newsletter covering issues of concern to those working in sexual and reproductive health. Issue 2, 1996, covers men's needs and responsibilities. 
Free to family planning workers and associated individuals and organisations from International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), Regent's College, Inner Circle, Regent's Park, London NW1 4LQ, UK.

Population reports 
Quarterly newsletter covering family planning and related health issues for developing countries. Themes include: vasectomy, involving men and other issues relevant to male sexual health. 
Free to readers in developing countries or those helping to promote reproductive health in developing countries in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish (limited availability in Arabic, Russian and Turkish) from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (see Organisations). 


Getting it right: safer sex for young gay men 
Pride Video, 1993, 55 minutes 
Format: VHS/PAL 
Through interviews with young gay men, some of whom have HIV and others who do not, safer sex information is clearly explained and illustrated. 
14.99 from Pride Video, 5-6 Parkside, Ravenscourt Park, London W6 0UU. UK. 

Reaching out to men as partners in reproductive health 
New York:
AVSC International, 1997, 13 minutes 
Format: NTSC/PAL/SECAM Aimed at programme planners, discusses the role men play in reproductive health and how programmes can involve men in projects. 
US$90 in English, French and Spanish from AVSC International, 79 Madison Avenue, New York, NY USA 10016, USA.


Disabled People's International 
101-7 Evergreen Place 
Manitoba R3L 2T3
Email: [email protected]  (?)

Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+) 
Central Secretariat 
PO Box 11726 
1001 GS Amsterdam 
The Netherlands 
Email: [email protected] 

Healthlink Worldwide (formerly AHRTAG) 

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) 
Regent's College 
Inner Circle, Regent's Park
London NW1 4LQ
Email: [email protected] 

International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) 
81 Rue Marcheau Charbon 
B-1000 Bruxelles 
Email: [email protected] 

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health 
Population Communication Services 
Population Information Program
111 Market Place, Suite 310 
Maryland 21202-4012 
Email: [email protected]  

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)
CH 1211 Geneva 27
Email: [email protected] 

Network of Sexwork Projects 
3 Morley Road 
Observatory 7925 
Cape Town 
South Africa 
Email: [email protected] org 

World Health Organization (WHO) 
Geneva 27 
Email: [email protected] ch 



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